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You love your fur babies… but your yard doesn’t need to smell like them!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Most turf cleaning companies use over the counter products that stop working when the temperature hits 85 degrees.

Our product is specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 295 degrees, meaning our product lasts longer for reducing pet odors!



Before we can clean and deodorize your turf we need to remove any debris like rocks, leaves and pet hair. The turf broom pulls the debris from between the turf blades while helping the turf fibers stand up and set the infill.


Using an electric backpack blower, we blow the debris off the turf. Not only does this improve the appearance of your turf, it allows the enzymes to penetrate deeper into the infill and backing.


Now it’s time to spray your yard with our enzymes using a special roller with spray jets on the end, specifically designed for turf cleaning. The roller pushes the enzymes deep into the infill, where it needs to be to work effectively, without using high heat or pressure which can cause damage to your turf.


This video shows the end to end cleaning and deodorizing process.


Power Broom

Our electric turf vacuum is used when there is too much debris for the turf broom to handle. This service is available at an additional charge since it’s not needed on all yards.

Infill Replacement

We can add infill to your turf if necessary. We only use Envirofill® turf infill. It offers unparalleled health and safety advantages for people, pets, and playgrounds, and is also lusher and longer-lasting than other turf infill options.

What Our happy customers are saying:

I have several dogs and not matter what I did on my own I could not get the urine odor to go away. These guys arrived on time were extremely professional and loved my dogs! My yard has zero smell and looks amazing. Anyone who comes in my back yard would never know I had dogs.


Smelly Turf Solutions came to my home and not only made my pet urine infested turf smell great, but also left my turf looking spotless and brand new afterwards as well. All while being very affordable.

Smelly turf was on time, quick, and efficient with their work, as well as easy to work with and quick to respond. None of their equipment is loud so I was able to continue my at-home work day with no distractions. I will absolutely use this service again!

Makayla Vanderwalker

We had Smelly Turf Solutions come out a few days before a big party. Our turf was horrible the smell would hit you as soon as you were anywhere near the turf. After just a single treatment the smell was completely gone. I have 5 dogs and there was no smell at all. It’s been just over a month since they treated the turf and It’s still odorless I would recommend having them out monthly instead of waiting until the smell returns. Not only did the smell go away the turf looks brand new! I would highly recommend their services! I will be using them again. Thank you Smelly Turf Solutions you helped make my party a success.

Joey Soles

I have a enclosed patio and a large dog. The odor was getting unbearable. Smelly Turf came in, cleaned and deodorized my turf and I can finally use my patio again!


We had been struggling for months, literally, with the smell of dog urine in our turf. It was so bad we couldn’t even use our backyard, let alone entertain out there. We tried everything from vinegar, dish soap and every over-the-counter product we could find to power washing. Nothing worked and it was so disappointing. Then someone recommended Smelly Turf Solutions and it has been a complete game changer! After just one treatment the smell was totally gone, and we were thrilled to use our yard for our son’s birthday party. Jerrod came out and did the work for us and was on time, friendly and knowledgeable. If you’re struggling with urine odor in your turf you have to give them a shot – you won’t regret it!

Cort Walberg