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It depends on how many pets you have; how big they are and your tolerance to smells. We recommend cleaning your turf every other month to every month.

There are 2 things that activate the urine odor: heat and moisture… not only do we have high temperatures during the summer, we also have monsoons that bring higher humidity and rain. Got a pool? Water from your pool evaporates causing higher moisture levels.

Yes! Our product is 100% hypoallergenic and completely safe for your family and your fur babies.

Although our product does include hydrogen peroxide, it’s a color safe peroxide that won’t cause discoloration or void your warranty.

Unlike other companies that use power washers to clean turf, we use high volume, low pressure to ensure the cleaning product gets deep into your turf to eliminate those smelly pet odors.

Nope.  The turf brush we use is identical to the brush your turf installer used during the installation process and the products we apply don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

We offer a 14-day odor guarantee.

Absolutely! We offer several different maintenance cleaning packages; monthly, every other month and quarterly.

You can buy the product on our website and have it shipped straight to your door.